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Talley Valley Golf Course Review

Is it a public or private course? Tally Valley Golf Course is a public golf course located at 335 Guineas Creek Rd, Elanora QLD 4221 and is open to public golfers. I suggest calling in advance to see if there’s a local comp on that day.

Is it a nine or eighteen-hole course? It’s only a nine-hole golf course. But you can play the golf course twice, as each hole has two separate tee boxes (approx one club longer) if you want to play it for 18 holes.

Is there good parking? Yes, there’s plenty of parking available for golfers. So you should have no issue being able to park your car safely.

What are the dress standards? Whilst I still suggest that you wear traditional golf attire when you’re playing at Tally Valley, most people you see will wear a collared shirt and golfing gear. However, they don’t have a strict policy on attire. So you may see groups of people getting around and just regular t-shirts.

Is it a busy golf course? The play rate is generally good at the Tally Valley golf course, and you should have no issue getting around the golf course in good time. However, there is no course Marshal on site, so it typically gets a little busier on weekends. You may have to wait a few minutes between tee-offs, but generally, it’s not too bad.

What are the clubhouse and facilities like? The clubhouse is a quaint old clubhouse. It’s only tiny, but there is a bar, and you will see the members out on the deck after their round with a cold beer on a hot day. There are toilets available in the clubhouse and near the fifth hole tee box.

What are the staff like? The staff are welcoming, helpful and friendly. As are the members, I’ve often been approached here to join in with local golfing teams when I’m golfing solo,

Can I book tee times in advance? No, they do not take tee time bookings, so you will have to turn up and slot into the rotation for a tee time.

Is there motorised golf cart higher available? Yes, there are carts available for hire. The golf carts are in good condition, and there are standard golf carts. You can use the golf carts on the fairways, and there are no designated cart paths. Be mindful that if it has been raining, you may not be able to hire carts due to the ground being too soft.

Is there a drink cart service? No drink cart service, but you are allowed to take drinks on the course, and being a nine-hole course, the clubhouse is just over halfway round, So you’ll have ample opportunity to “re-stock the esky.”

What is the golf pro shop like? They don’t have a dedicated golf shop at Tally Valley golf club. There are a few items behind the counter; you can buy golf balls, etc. if needed. But, if you like to play with a particular type of golf ball, then the range is limited. I do recommend bringing all your own gear with you.

Is there a driving range or a putting green? Whilst there’s no driving range, there is a putting green that you can have a few puts on to warm up before your round. And there are some hitting nets that you can at least free the shoulders and loosen up your swing before you play your round.

What condition are the tee boxes in? The tee boxes are much like the golf course as a whole. It does depend on the weather. Whilst they do an excellent job of rotating the tee boxes. It depends on whether it’s had a good balance of sunshine and rain as to the tee box condition.

What is the condition of the fairways? The fairways are natural, and they rely on natural irrigation. The fairway grass seems to be buffalo-style grass, with a few other breeds growing here and there. Due to the tree-lined aspect of this golf course, on windy days or in Autumn months, there can be a lot of tree leaves on the fairways.

The fairway’s general condition does depend on the weather leading into your round. If you are playing a round and it’s been a hot spell of late, then the fairways will be quite hard underneath. Conversely, if it’s been raining, the fairway will be pretty wet under our feet.

That being said, given the Gold Coast’s dependable weather, you’ll generally get a nice balance on the fairways and a good feel under your ball and feet.

Are there many bunkers on this course? There are zero bunkers on the Tally Valley golf course. So if hitting out of the sand trap is a big problem in your golf game, this may be the perfect golf course for you.

What is the rough like if I miss the fairway? Regarding the rough, there’s not a lot of rough on ground level to worry about. However, as I mentioned, many trees are lining the fairways, which means that if you find your ball going into the rough, then your most significant obstacle is having a clear line to the flag.

How do the greens play? The Tally Valley golf course greens are excellent and generally well-looked after. They’ll typically run at about a seven to eight putting speed. The greens are on the small(ish) side. While they are not overly challenging greens, they give you enough of a challenge regarding undulations and pin positions.

Are there any water hazards on the course? Because this golf course is built next to Currumbin Creek, on holes five, seven and eight, you’ll have a water hazard up the entire left side. Be careful; if you do a hook (for right-handed golfers) your ball off the tee, you’ll land in the creek. There’s also a large duck pond in the middle of holes two and three, another water hazard you’ll have to navigate. Especially hole Three, where you’ll have to choose to go for it off the tee over the water! Or lay it up and play it safe on the 90-degree dog-legged hole.

What’s the overall difficulty rating of this course? As a mid-handicap golfer, I give this a 6/10 for difficulty but a 10/10 for fun. This course is not a challenging course to play, but it is a fun little course.

Tally Valley golf course gives you enough variation for golfers to enjoy a day here playing golf. That being said, this golf course suits amateur, social, kids and senior golfers best. So overall, it’s an enjoyable golf course. It’s a casual public golf course. It’s a great place to go down for nine holes on a sunny day and enjoy the weather and the ambience… and a cold beer after your round.

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 7 DAYS A WEEK *Course rules & etiquette: Neat dress code (no things or singlets) •All players must carry sand bucket and repair all pitch marks & divots • Keep carts 5 meters from tees and greens at all times • Players must rake bunkers after shot • Slow players must call through •  Green keepers have right of way • Be respectful to all other users. 

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