Proper Golf Etiquette

Proper Golf Etiquette

Be Mindful Of The Starting Time 

If you are late, you will potentially delay the rest of the tee sheet. Showing up within a 15-30 minute period before the start is adequate time to be on the Gold Coast golf course and respectful to other players.  

Balls On The Practice Green 

If the area is crowded, having two practice balls is sufficient and considerate to other players. However, if you’re by yourself, feel free to use as many balls as you wish. 

Gauge Your Pace 

In a foursome, you should be able to get around in under four hours playing a casual game. Keep an eye on your pace as you do not want to be slowing the group down. 

Also, be prepared and ready when it’s your turn on the tee and green and move quickly so that you are consistently behind the group in front of you.  

Always Look Neat 

Keep your attire intact so that you set the bar for those new to the sport. Professional sportsmen are consistently meticulous about how they present themselves. 

Control The Temper 

While we all have our moments of frustration, it’s important to always remain calm. Getting angry, throwing clubs and making everyone uneasy is just bad etiquette. 

Be A Silent Partner 

When you walk onto a green, note the location of every ball in your group. Stay clear of their lines to the hole and stand still from the time a player sets himself to play until the ball has left the club. 

Never walk or stand in someone’s line of play on the putting green. This is a golden rule. Specifically, the area around the hole is sacred ground. Know where to stand and when to be silent. 

The Playing Ground 

When it comes to divots, use the seed mix packed on the side of your cart and mix it with the sand. This allows for a faster regrowth of the grass. It’s best to pattern your divot in a vertical line on the driving range as scattering your shots chew up the turf. 

Fix ball marks with a suitable tool or even a tee. Leave a well-raked bunker before you exit. Make sure the area is as smooth as you would’ve liked to have found it. 

Cart Vigilance 

Cart etiquette is important as they are very much a part of the modern game. It’s easy to damage the turf without realising it when driving a cart, but trying to leave no trace is a good start. 

When driving, go a different route to the rest so that the cart traffic is spread out and not single-file. Also, avoid wet areas and common spots that are getting damaged from the cart traffic. 

Turn Off Your Cell Phone 

Cell phones are distracting on the course. Keep your cell phone on silent so that you do not disturb anyone’s focus. If you must make a call, move away from the other players and keep the call brief if possible or exit the course.  

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