Golf Coaches Gold Coast

Golf Coaches Gold Coast

Golf is a wildly popular sport in Australia and has gained significant traction on the Gold Coast. There are dozens of clubs and academies for aspiring golfers to learn all the right techniques – no matter your age or experience. 

But with so many options, choosing the right coach can be daunting.  

Use this list to explore the best golf coaches the Gold Coast has to offer, their credentials and experience, and their coaching style. Whether you want serious coaching or appreciate a fun coaching style, there’s an option for you. 


The Best Golf Coaches On The Gold Coast 

Don’t settle for anything less than the best! Master golf by enlisting the help of the best golf coaches on the Gold Coast. 


Todd Sleep, TS Golf Academy 

Todd Sleep is the TS Golf Academy Director. He’s also a PGA professional with over 25 years of experience teaching and playing golf around the world. After returning to Australia, Todd dedicated his time and experience to the golfing community and established the TS Golf Academy in 2019. 

As an instructor, Todd is enthusiastic and patient. He enjoys nothing more than sharing the knowledge he’s accumulated with his students. His passion for play is infectious. 

As for classes, Todd offers coaching to men, women, seniors, and junior golfers. Members can choose from a wide array of golfing packages, ones that suit their experience level and schedule.

Gary Edwin, Gary Edwin Golf 

Gary Edwin of Gary Edwin Golf is one of the most accredited and respected golf players and teachers in Australia. He’s been teaching golf since 1961 and has produced dozens of champion golf players. His players have won more than $60 million in golf tournament prizes. 

He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2021 for the work he has done for Australian golf. 

Today, he teaches golf on the Gold Coast. His classes focus on his right-sided swing, a simple but powerful method his players utilise to win. It embodies his philosophy, which is to simplify golf and make it accessible to all his students. 

David Thomas, DT Golf Academy 

David Thomas is a PGA golf professional with 26 years experience. He’s an authority on 3D & 6D Biomechanics, Trackman, Flightscope, SAM BalanceLab and SAM PuttLab. David utilises golf technology and tools to provide a modern coaching program. 

While his practice mostly focuses on teaching advanced players, David is always keen to teach beginners. To him, there is no greater joy than seeing new faces in the golfing community. 

David’s golf packages are extensive and offer golf coaching options for all ages. His academy, DT Golf Academy, also offers an array of programs, with a focus on everything from swings to putts. 

Joel Mercieca, Joel Mercieca Golf Coaching 

Joel Mercieca is a highly accredited golf professional with more than a decade of experience. In 2011, he decided to put his love for golf at the forefront, became a PGA golf member, and got certified as a G2, J2, and P2 instructor. 

Today, he runs Joel Mercieca Golf Coaching, a club that focuses on golf theory and practice. Joel believes the secret to mastering golf is to master your technique. He utilises modern golf theory and age-old practices to craft highly effective golfing programs for his students. 

Under Joel, golf players receive dedicated coaching tailored to their unique mental and physical abilities – all while being backed by Joel’s unwavering support. 

Ali Orchard, Ali Orchard Coaching 

Ali Orchard is a PGA and ALPG teaching professional. She grew up surrounded by golf and started playing at a young age. With more than 20 years of experience and an eye for the game, her coaching has proven very effective. 

Her golf coaching program encompasses a wide range of skills and time slots for any schedule. She offers coaching to men, women, juniors, and seniors. 

As for her coaching approach, Ali believes the best way to learn is to have fun. Her curriculum is comprehensive but she approaches it with a relaxed and positive attitude. It makes it easier for her students to absorb the information and put it into practice. 

Craig Bishop, Emerald Lakes Golf Coaching Centre

Craig Bishop started his career as a young golf player touring Australia. Hoping to settle, he returned to the Gold Coast and started a 30-year-long career as a PGA member and golf instructor. Initially only meant to be a job, teaching golf became a passion project close to his heart. 

According to Craig, he gains immense satisfaction when his students improve, especially when they thought it wasn’t possible. 

At Emerald Lakes Golf Coaching Centre, Craig teaches swing, short game and putting. He welcomes everyone, from juniors and beginners to semi-pros who want to improve their game. 

David Waters, Emerald Lakes Golf Coaching Centre 

David Waters is a highly qualified golf coach working at the Emerald Lakes Golf Coaching Centre. He holds a PGA membership, graduated with a degree in Sports Management, and completed an Advanced Coaching Certificate with PGA. 

His coaching program offers beginner to advanced player courses, and he has a separate course available for female golfers. His approach to coaching is meticulous. David uses his wealth of knowledge and skills to craft personalised improvement plans for his clients. 

Besides his skills, he’s also a friendly coach. David values open communication and makes it his mission to put clients at ease and offer encouragement. 

David Merriman, The Golf School 

David Merriman offers gold training through The Golf School. He is a short-game master with an extensive career. He’s a PGA member and has been for decades. He’s also participated in national and international competitions, including the European Senior Tour and the Champions Tour, as a coach and a golfer. 

He is consistently listed as one of the best golf coaches in Australia. 

David utilises old-school golfing techniques and modern, technology-based coaching to craft unique training and golfing strategies. And, even with all his experience, David loves teaching people of all ages and golfing backgrounds. From beginners to pros, he’s always eager to help his students get better at golf. 

Linford Jacquelin, Emerald Lakes Golf Coaching Centre

Linford Jacquelin has been a member of the Australian PGA since 1976 and has spent his career teaching at various golf clubs in different countries. He finally returned to the Gold Coast after 14 years in China, where he was the Senior Certified coach and Director at Mission Hills David Leadbetter Golf Academy. 

Even with decades in the industry, he still loves his job. David thrives on teaching golf and bringing it to a new generation. His wealth of knowledge and experience also helps him teach effective golfing techniques and strategies while maintaining good rapport with his clients. 

Tom Linskey, Australian Golf Schools

Tom Linskey is the founder of Australian Golf Schools and has been in the industry for 55 years. In that time, he’s racked up numerous accolades, awards, and experiences which he uses to provide a steady but utterly unique coaching program. 

As the head coach of the golf school, Tom has mentored thousands of golfers. He’s developed a keen eye for determining innate strengths and weaknesses in his players. He uses this ability, along with his extensive experience, to slowly release his players’ full potential. 

Tom’s track record is long and consistent, and his students enjoy reliable, world-class coaching. 

Loic Truet, Emerald Lakes Golf Course

Loic Truet is a long-time coach at Emerald Lakes Golf Course. He’s a PGA professional, holds a certificate in Advanced Coaching, and has 16 years of hands-on experience teaching golf. 

Loic is passionate about golf and has spent his career as a coach inspiring that passion in his students. He teaches all age groups and golf levels. Loic also welcomes group events, where he can make golf fun and educational. 

His coaching prioritises passion. To Loic, golf doesn’t need to be stuffy. Learning golf should be engaging and enjoyable for all parties involved. 

Peter Harrington, The Golf School 

Peter Harrington of The Golf School is a PGA member and has been for 25 years. He spent the first ten years of his career playing professional golf, which has been instrumental in his coaching career. Besides teaching at The Golf School, Peter also teaches blind golf players like Glenn Niciejewski. 

Today, he spends his time teaching at The Golf School, of which he is the CEO. He’s seamlessly translated his experience on the professional circuit into understandable but highly effective professional coaching. 

His teaching style is professional and relaxed. Peter is adamant about helping his students surpass their limiting beliefs and releasing their full potential. 


Golf is a popular sporting option on the Gold Coast. It manages to be both relaxing and challenging, with a vast array of techniques and strategies to guarantee you a win. 

To master golf or learn the basic techniques, you need a good coach. From Todd Sleep to Peter Harrington, these golf coaches are the best and brightest the Gold Coast has to offer. Choose the coach that best matches your style and get started on your golfing journey. 

Practise your game and stay updated on the latest golfing topics with Gold Coast Golf Courses! Use our extensive index and reviews to find the perfect golf course to plant your flag and improve your game. 

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